Restraints Mod features. To restraint or free a pawn, select another pawn and right click the one you want to restrain/free. Restraining costs 1 piece of steel and can be applied to your own colonists (that aren't in a mental break) or prisoners. Restraining a pawn that isn't already downed has a high chance to have them go berserk. Posted In: It's got Robots and Lasers, Mystery Clip Theater, Sequential Artistry. Just in from an alternate universe, here’s Star Trek: Voyager given the Filmation treatment: In a similar cartoon-nostalgia vein (though with less animation) from one “Solid JJ,” we have. His 1960’s-style superhero cartoon voices are just spot on. Terry Akers was the Chief Factor at Site Delta on PATHOS-II. In SOMA, by the time Simon Jarrett first encounters him in the lower levels of Theta, Akers is heavily mutated, uncommunicative, and hostile, forcing Simon to evade him. In SOMA, Akers is highly disfigured and eyeless. He is unusually humanoid for a WAU creation: he has arms, hand-like appendages, and a.

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